Pascal Kira

Crazy, caring that is how people describe me mostly

So, hi! Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. I am Pascal Kira and this is how it all started…..

The Beginnings

Back in 2007 I decided to go take a look in SL. I was exploring a lot, at first I wasnt to sure what to expect from it.

Snapshot _ Groningen - De Drie Avatars, Groningen Centrum ZO (3

Groningen Sim

Here is where my adventure started

There was a sim called “Groningen”. Back in the days this sim was pretty well build. It looked like a real dutch city. I loved hanging there, Groningen was also the place where I got my first digital kiss ever! I even took a picture of it wahaha.

Snapshot _ F-spot photography model_employe, Limburg2 (211, 181

My First Belleza Skin

“Belleza was one of the best skin creators in SL. I bought all new releases.”

I started to make friends. This was the moment I got hooked up and never left SL. My interest in making my avatar look great started actually straight away. At that time Belleza was one of the best skin creators in SL. I bought all new releases. I remember them costing a lot of lindens. But hey! I wanted to look at my best :D. As a noobie (with nice Belleza skin) I began to venture into fashion. I can remember my favorite store back then being: Aitui, this store still exists :D.

Snapshot _ Groningen - Martinikerk, Groningen Centrum NO (154,

I even got married at some point…

Done that… Been there… Ha Ha

Later on in my SL life even I had my drama’s. Hey! I even got married once…or was it twice…. wahaha whatever been there done that 😛


Snapshot _ Molly Malone's, 0031 Zakelijk 02 (187, 227, 42)

Chillhoven era…

“There was never a moment to be bored.”

SL life was never ever boring there always was a new adventure around the corner. This place is called Chillhoven. It was the first sim I ever owned. I had build my own dutch town with a nice pub on it, there were always people there I had some crazy times over there.


Kira joining the army!

“Yes I served my time in a SL army”

Later on after a short break, I joined the SL army. This is where I met my best buddy (SL Bro’s 4-life!) Blaze Teardrop. We were serving in the Russian army at the Undine combat sims. Owned by Aeon Voom.




“It took me s while to find my way to where I am now.”

After a long period of fooling around in combat sims and meeting new people along my way. Someone told me about a pageant contest held in SL. It was called MR SL. I auditioned and even got to the next round and was chosen MR SL Netherlands. Due to meeting the wrong people and making stupid choices I had to drop out of the contest and quit the Model Academy. It’s one of those moments you can never turn back time, how badly I would want that. I got a burn out and turned to my favorite thing to do, Blogging. And thats where I am today. 


Pascal Kira

Are you interested in me? Just drop me a IM! I am always open to meet new people and connect. 

  • SL Age: 11
  • Sex: Male
  • Place of birth: The Netherlands
  • Favorite food: Chinese/Sushi
  • Hobby’s: Blogging, photography
  • Favorite brands: Versov, Clef de Peau, Lelutka, Vale Koer, Cold Ash, ::K::, Deadwool and many many more (sorry if I didnt put your brand here).
  • Alexandra Kira

    If I think about pascal I see a man that has a lot of passion in what he does he looks amazing he has great eye for fashion he is always willing to help out  he is also a great photographer.

    Alexandra Kira
  • Aradia Dielli


    Aradia Dielli
  • Teupy Resident

     I am thankful and proud to share my thoughts about my very special and only brother. The day we connected was already a display of unique bond, trust and care. Together we say many days go by hard and good and experiencing brotherhood in how we respect and love each other. Pascal is an amazing and dedicated artist that lives his life with passion. As more you discover about him as more you will find treasures of enjoying life in ways you maybe have not before 🙂 ♥

    Teupy Resident
  • Blaze Teardrop

    The first thing that I think of when someone says Pascal is Family. Because family is always there for you no matter what and Pascal is a key example of that. I’m lucky and proud to call Pascal my brother.

    Blaze Teardrop

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