Male heads: 3
Omega compatible: yes
Price: 2500$ (you need to buy a additional HUD 1500L$)
Current version: v1.0
Pros: Looks mature, great animations, buy 1 HUD for all heads in the end the heads are cheaper then others.
Cons: Not many skins available, Animation HUD needs some understanding.

Choose your head Choices choices...





All available skinapplier stores that I know of, the skins are Omega compatible you need to try out what fits.


All available shape stores that I know of

Additional info source: Notecards delivered with head


Since v3.0 our LOGO heads and HUDs work differently than you might be used to with other heads and mesh products. Instead of having a separate HUD for each of your appliers, LOGO specific appliers will be installed into the LOGO Customization HUD (sold separately) and you apply them to your head from there. This means all your appliers for skins, tattoos, makeup or whatever can be found in a single HUD.

To install the skins and facial options that came with your head:

– Wear the LOGO Customization HUD
– Wear Skins and Options installer HUD that came with your head
– Click any options you want to install or install everything with 1 click
– Wait for the Customization HUD to show that everything is there and then remove the installer HUD

That’s it!

You can, of course, still use Omega skins and appliers with your LOGO head after unlocking it with the Omega LOGO System Installer KIt (sold separately). Those are still applied to the head in the traditional way and don’t get installed into the HUD (although this is a planned feature).

If you have any questions you can contact Solaris Okumura, Maximillion Grant or ask in our LOGO Update Group.

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