Lelutka’s new “Guy” on the block…

Lelutka is releasing it’s second male bento head this saturday! 

First of all I want to thank the Lelutka team for offering me a chance to review the new head before release. I’m Honored and grateful to Jadenart, Aradia and Mavi for giving me this chance. I hope you will enjoy this little preview as much as I did making it. Have a happy Valentines day!

Whats in the package?

For weeks I have been dying to have this head in my inventory, two days ago my wish was finally met! The head comes like all other heads with the content you might exepect from Lelutka. In the picture you see a screenshot of the head’s folder. 

My first impression

Once wearing the head (with the wrong shape ha ha ha) I was a bit surprised by the HUGE jawline. I had to fiddle around a bit to make it more modest. After experimenting a while my final shape was there! OMG was I happy with what I saw! Tight jawline, but still modest enough. It felt like a real “man” head. What is really amazing is, the head comes standard with 3 different Stray Dog (great work Gac Akina) skins to represent any ethnicy! I realized this is not a head for people looking for very very smooth almost femine heads. This boy is gonna be THE new rough “Guy” around, but as you can see in my pictures still refined enough. I can see there has been a lot of work put in this head to perfect it. I warn all future “guys” you will probably have to keep the woman away from you.


The Features

There are to many features to make in this little textbox. What I do love from Lelutka is their great easy to use HUD. Everything is very organized and easy to find. What I really like is that this head comes standard with the Stray Dog skins and beautiful eyes, I mean you know normally Bento heads seem to come with standard issued eyes. Not this head! There are even multicolor eyes inside the HUD.

My verdict

For me personally, This head is going to be my main head for the coming time ahead. I’m in love with the jawline and skins. You have to try for yourself to see if this head is what you like, but I can tell you: Lelutka for me is quality, great service, awesome community!

3 different Stray Dog skins


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