Male heads: 3
Omega compatible: yes
Price: 2800L$
Current version: v2.0
Pros: Lots of addons available at their own store, easy to understand HUD.
Cons: Skins for this head are a bit hard to get altho there are some stores who sell Omega skins.

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All available skinapplier stores that I know of

Additional info source: Notecards delivered with head



Thank you for your interest in our products!


01. Wear the SHAPE
02. Wear the BROWS SHAPER
03. Wear the HEAD ALPHA
04. Wear the BENTO MESH HEAD
06. Wear the BENTO MESH EARS (Rigged) OR the MESH EARS (Unrigged)
07. Wear the BENTO FACIAL AO
08. Activate the 3 TALK ON VOICE gestures
09. Wear the SMART HUD (Only for configuring)
10. Wear the EARS SHAPER (Only for configuring)
11. Wear the FACE LIGHTS (Optional)
12. Wear the MESH NECKBLEND corresponding to your body (Optional)

► INFO: Please note that your GA.EG Head does not include any eyes because it is compatible with all kinds
of eyes : mesh or standard eyes. So you can use the ones you already have in your inventory with it !

► INFO: Please note that your FACIAL AO includes a STARTING PACK with some essential facial animations.
But you can extend its possibilities with the optional FACIAL AO PACKS !

► TIP : You can manually launch any of your Animated Emotes, Default Blink, Default Eyes or Default Lips animation,
just by double-clicking the corresponding icon in your Facial AO !

► You can TRY ALL THE FACIAL ANIMATIONS available in the GA.EG Main Store !

► To learn more about your Smart HUD and your Facial AO, please refer to these pages :


► Please note that the DEMO Version of the Addons ONLY WORK WITH the DEMO Versions of the Heads!

► Please note that the GA.EG Male Body Skins are compatible with all the GA.EG Male Mesh Heads!


► This Bento Mesh Head is Omega Ready ! You can use your favorite Omega Face Skin, Makeup and Tattoos Appliers with it.
For that you just need the Omega System Relay for [GA.EG] Mesh Heads available here :


With the Bento technology, you are able to modify the shape of your Bento Mesh Head with the SL sliders (Head, Nose, Eyes, Mouth etc…) quite as the SL Classic Head can!
But, please note that your shape settings may have an impact on the Bento facial animations preview.
For example, if your reduce too much your eyes size, the blinking animations may cause your eyelids to cross each other.

► We highly recommend you to use the Shape delivered within your GA.EG Bento Mesh Head and specially made for it as a starting point to your customizations.


The junction between the head and the body is a very delicate zone.
It may vary a lot according to your body (SL, Slink, Adam, Signature, etc..) and your shape (Body Fat and Neck Thickness notably)…
For our GA.EG Mesh Heads, we tried to find the best agreement between all these constraints in order to ensure a good neck junction in most cases.

► In all cases, we recommend you to have a Body Fat of 0 for a better result.

► We also recommend you to wear the same skin for the head and the body.

Each GA.EG Head includes one or several mesh Neckblend objects which help to soften the junction between your body and your head.
Most of the Mesh Bodies on the market also have also their own neckblend/neckfix tools.

► If you wear the same skin for the body and the head, you may not use any Neckblend tool.
Otherwise we recommend you to use the [GA.EG] Mesh Neckblend made for your Mesh Body .

► But in all cases, please check that you WEAR ONLY ONE NECKBLEND/NECKFIX at once!
Use either the neckblend/neckfix of your Mesh Body or one of the GA.EG Neckblend objects proposed, but not both!


You have certainly already noticed that the light of the SL sun may generate some bad and strong shadows
(called “bad shadows”) on objects and meshes, as mesh heads.

► To avoid this graphical problem, we recommend you to use either the “CalWL” or the “Annan Adored Optimal Skin” Sky Preset. They both reduce the impact and strength of these bad shadows.


► In the Preferences of your viewer, set your Objects & Sculpts LOD at least to 2.000 (we recommend 3.000).
You will so enjoy all the details of our products at an average distance.


Most of our products use the “Advanced Materials” capabilities of SL which add more realism, relief and light reflections to your skin, make-up or tattoos…

► In order to fully benefit of the Advanced Materials effects, the ‘Advanced Lighting Model’ and ‘Bump mapping and shiny’ settings should be checked in the Graphics Preferences of your viewer.

You can learn more here :

► We also recommend you to wear your GA.EG Face Lights item for a more beautiful effects.

Have fun !



► For more information, please have a look to our Web site:
and Help page:

► To be informed about our new release and sales, please join our SL group:

► You can also follow us on Flickr:



► V2.00
January 2019
– Upd: New Smart HUD 2.0 with many new features

► V1.00
August 2017

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