Male heads: 6
Omega compatible: yes
Price: 4999$
Current version: v1.0
Pros: Great animations, Highly costumizeable.
Cons: Hard to find skins.

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All available skinapplier stores that I know of

Additional info source: Notecards delivered with head

General info

Hi, first of all thank you for your purchase!
Here is a list of things you will find inside of your AK Deluxe head pack:

– Mesh Head
– Mesh Eyes
– Mesh Braces
– Alpha file
– Head Shape (is very important to start your head shaping from the shape that come on your head pack, so you will not have problem with fitting from the start, then of course you will edit your shape to get the body shape you like most, our heads come with a standard body shape so you will have to right click on your avatar edit shape and get the look you want).
– Head HUD
– Animation HUD
– Teeth HUD
– Eyebrow Shaper
– Mesh Tongue piercings
– Body Skin to match the head skin that come on your HEAD HUD. (for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink /Omega)
– Designer KIT (with scripts, instructions, rezzable and 2 notecards with the download link to the UV maps)

We made some video tutorials to help you to get in touch with your new head.
You can watch them by visiting our website here :

* http://akeruka.com/blog/deluxe-video-tutorial

On website you will find also the link to some Designers who have created Skins/appliers and shapes for Akeruka Heads.

If you have any doubt or you just want to join our community we have a support group on Secondlife.
Just copy this URI on your nearby chat to join our group:


Thank you
[AK] Team

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